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Student testimonials

Testimonials from people who have benefited from our teacher-led training with CORE

Nick, Student for 13 months
"I recently started on my journey to learn English with CORE Languages, and the experience has been nothing short of transformative. After completing the initial assessment, I dived into their self-study materials, which I must admit are among the most thorough and effective I have encountered. The team at CORE Languages has crafted a learning resource that not only enhances your language skills but also offers invaluable insights for personal and professional growth. The content is meticulously organized, making the learning process smooth and enjoyable. Their approach of blending practical language tips with strategies for time management and career advancement is highly commendable. The way the material is presented makes it accessible and engaging, ensuring that learners of all levels can benefit immensely. This is truly a top-tier resource for anyone looking to improve their English in a meaningful way."
Sofia, Student for 5 months
"Ever since I completed my English placement test with CORE Languages, I've gained a clear understanding of the specific areas I need to focus on, thanks to my dedicated teacher, Paula. We have weekly classes, and though my progress is gradual, it's far more steady and noticeable compared to when I was trying to learn through apps like Duolingo on my own. Paula's guidance has been instrumental in this improvement. Her personalized approach and consistent support have made a significant difference in my learning journey. I am genuinely pleased with the strides I've made so far in my English proficiency. A big thank you to Paula and CORE Languages!"
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