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Student testimonials

Testimonials from people who have benefited from our teacher-led training with CORE

Stevem, Student for 16 months
"Embarking on my Italian learning adventure with CORE Languages has been a delightful experience. My teacher, Lucia, has been an incredible source of knowledge and inspiration. Her enthusiasm for the Italian language and culture is infectious, and her teaching methodology is both effective and engaging. The lessons are well-structured, striking the right balance between grammar, vocabulary, and conversational practice. Lucia's attention to detail and her ability to tailor lessons to my specific needs have greatly accelerated my learning. I'm amazed at how much my Italian has improved in such a short time. The cultural insights provided have also deepened my connection with the language. Thanks to Lucia and CORE Languages, I am now confidently conversing in Italian and look forward to each lesson."
Ben, Student for 8 months
"My journey of learning Italian with CORE Languages has been nothing short of extraordinary. From the outset, my instructor, Marco, has provided exceptional guidance and support. His teaching style is a perfect blend of thoroughness and patience, which has been crucial for me as a beginner. The course materials are comprehensive and very well-organized, making the learning process both manageable and enjoyable. Marco's ability to connect language lessons with real-life Italian cultural contexts has greatly enhanced my understanding and appreciation of the language. Each session leaves me more confident and excited about my ability to speak and understand Italian. I'm truly grateful for the progress I've made under Marco's tutelage at CORE Languages."
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